Threading VS. Waxing

What Is Threading?

threading is an method of hair removal in which a specially twisted thin cotton thread is rolled over unwanted hair, gently plucking it out at the follicle.

Who Can Get It Done?

Both women and men? Yes, men can also get threading done! Men can get eyebrows cleaned up to achieve a well-groomed look.

Why Thread Instead Of Wax?

Threading is faster and easier than tweezing as a series of hair can be removed all at once instead of one at a time.  It’s also far more accurate than waxing, thereby providing much more precise control in shaping the eyebrows and is much gentler on the skin as there are no chemicals involved.

We all now how much waxing can hurt and the fear it brings right before they pull the strip. Besides the burning sensation and pain, waxing can be very harsh on the skin. After time, waxing can cause the skin to sag. With threading you wont have to worry about your skin becoming irritated or saggy.

Why Try Threading & More?

In the hands of our experienced threading artists, eyebrows can be expertly shaped and facial hair can be quickly removed. Our relaxed environment and painless technique will have you wishing you found us sooner!  It’s so quick you can easily stop in over a lunch break or just as you’re walking by.